We worked with adidas to art direct photographer Marcus Smith in shooting four adidas athletes on ice. Then we developed a 'fuck off' aesthetic to bring the campaign to life.

After establishing creative, we open-sourced the design, creating guidelines and toolkits for all 31 NHL teams.

Creative Direction: Jason Strong, Project Management: Jason Berry (adidas), Account Direction: Ali Weber, Art Direction and Lead Design: Kaleb Durocher, Art Direction and Retail Fixture Concept: Robb McNeill, Photography: Marcus Smith

Integrated Campaign, Art Direction — With Latitude for adidas

I created the title installation and catalog for an exhibition focusing on photographic collage and impermanence.

As viewers walked down the hallway toward the gallery entrance, the letter fragments began to solidify. Just as they entered the gallery, the pieces came together to create the fleeting illusion of readability. A couple steps after they entered, the illusion was gone.

Exhibition Design, Book Design — For University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

I directed and shot a music video starring water. View

Video — With Mumbi O'Brien for MJMJ Records

Every spring, RISD Apparel Design seniors debut a unified body of original work at a runway show called Collection.

Creative Direction: Kate Blackwell, Catherine Andreozzi, Art Direction and Design: Kaleb Durocher, Illustration: Klindy Lindenbaum

Identity — With and for Rhode Island School of Design

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. But an IP born from digital needed help to achieve art book status.

Our team collected, curated, and designed 320 pages of character commentary, sketches, and final art. I designed the cover, refined the layout, and led print execution. After shipping the book, I worked on a team that brought the experience back to digital. View

The Collector's Edition sold out within hours, and Kotaku liked it.

Creative Direction: Shawna Davis, Art Direction and Lead Design: Regina Ruperto, Design: Kaleb Durocher, Photography: All Boats Rise

Book Design — With All Boats Rise for Riot Games

I created an identity for a theatrical production of Bent.

The pink triangle is recognizable as the symbol identifying gay and lesbian prisoners in WWII concentration camps, but remains effective as visual punctuation, even if the viewer isn't aware of its history.

Identity — For University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Each letterform is made from a single gilded band that wraps endlessly around itself.

Available in multiple weights for multiple income brackets.

Type Design

Cassette art for pop experimentalist Dan Casey.

Packaging — For MJMJ Records

There's nothing bolder than a global brand handing control of a campaign to a group of high school artists.

Brands misuse words like 'authentic' and 'hyper-local' when trying to connect with savvy consumers. They spend a lot of resources trying to relate to them, when in reality they should be working with them.

We asked five groups of high school student photographers to explore their city and visualize the campaign tagline 'No time to think'. I art directed these teams and designed an installation with their work.

Part of the Campus FW17 campaign by adidas.

Creative Direction: David Waters, Art Direction and Design: Kaleb Durocher, Photography: Amber Alicea, Deannelys Corcino, Shaniyah Dent, Camren Hernandez, Laura Moronta, Pankey, Alani Reid, Freddy Reyes, Project Management: Zach Rambo (adidas), Activation: Hilary Bildsten (adidas), Production: Morgan Jappe, Fabrication: Project Visual

Art Direction, Exhibition Design — With Latitude for adidas

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