Kaleb Durocher

I designed an art book cover, refined the layout, and helped translate to digital. View

League of Legends Art Book — Creative direction by Shawna Davis — Art direction by Regina Ruperto

Print, Digital — All Boats Rise

I created a site featuring student work from the Visual and Digital Media departments at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. dsoa9.org

Faculty make updates through Kirby, a file-based CMS.


Identity, Digital — Dreyfoos School of the Arts

I created the title installation and catalogue for an exhibition focusing on photographic collage and impermanence.

As viewers walk down the hallway toward the gallery entrance, the letter fragments begin to solidify. Just as they enter the gallery, the pieces come together to create the fleeting illusion of readability. A couple steps after they enter, the illusion is gone.

Residual Reality

Exhibition — University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

I hypothetically rebranded an organization fighting to preserve the temperate rainforests in Alaska.

Rainforests are categorized by an annual precipitation of 68 to 78 inches. The only difference between a tropical rainforest and a temperate one is the temperature. Although the coastal temperate rainforests of Alaska don't receive as much attention as those in the Amazon, they are still every bit as important and every bit as endangered.

Alaska Conservation Society

Identity — Student Work

I branded a multi-disciplinary designer by using the visual identity as a container for the types of work being done. carterblackwell.com

The business card uses the identity to hold contact information. I left the other side empty for the notes that invariably get scribbled when people give out their cards.

When visitors scroll through the site, the disciplines come together to reinforce the visual identity.

Carter Blackwell Industrial Design

Identity, Digital

Visitors experience retinal damage through photochemical injury. View

Part of an ongoing series surrounding solar retinopathy and gazing into the sun.

I sold an exhibition edition on a custom, stripped-down usb drive.


Digital, Exhibition

I created an identity for an antique and consignment shop, but ultimately the client decided to postpone rebranding.

The stylized H is based on a Persian rug motif, which has been used as the unofficial logo since 1926.


Identity — Spec Work

I worked with RISD's inhouse design team to update the school's homepage, but the redesign was never implemented.

By simplifying the navigation, relocating the caption, and shifting focus from the full name of the school to the commonly-used acronym, I was able to highlight the most important part of the homepage — the incredible work produced by its students and alumni.

risd.edu — Art direction by Kate Blackwell — Original design by Shun Liang

Digital — Rhode Island School of Design

I developed a cut paper artist's visual identity, business card, and sleeve.

Bovey Lee


A theatre group asked me to design an identity for their production of Bent.

The pink triangle is instantly recognizable as the symbol identifying homosexuals in WWII concentration camps, but remains effective as visual punctuation, even if the viewer isn't aware of its history.


Identity — University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

I visualized months of analytics into three pages of graphs, maps, and statistics.

RISD Infographics — Art direction by Kate Blackwell

Data Visualization — Rhode Island School of Design

A pamphlet, zine, employee handbook, playbill, and exhibition catalogue.


Print — University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Amigos Publishing, National Presto

I created a modular grid of text, patterns, and photos that worked across print and web.

RISD by Design — Art direction by Kate Blackwell

Identity — Rhode Island School of Design

Each letterform is made from a single gilded band that wraps endlessly around itself.

Stimulus Package


Alumni helped by sending contact info. RISD helped by keeping them updated on alumni news.

Help Us Help You

Print — Rhode Island School of Design

Cassette, vinyl, and digital art for various independent record labels and musicians.


Packaging — MJMJ Records, Fire Talk Records

I worked as art director for the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire's literary and arts publication.


Print — University of Wisconsin Eau Claire